Computer and Network Services

by Beaver Web Services Inc.

RMM Monitoring

In this program we monitor key indicators of your server/workstion installation.

You can choose any numbers of checks and their frequency of execution. With our help you can customize even your specific events, e.g. running or not running of a key application.

This service is available for Windows and Mac computers.

RMM Maintenance

The next level of this program includes any kind of automated tasks that can be processed based on results of checks of the monoitoring service. This is available only for Windows machines.

Additional add-on components include:

  • Anti-Virus Security
  • Online Backup
  • Patch Management
  • Service Desk



Monthly Contract

Each service level is billed only as used, within any given calendar month. No locking into a long-term commitment. You tell us in writing any changes required, we adjust the service level and/or add-ons and you get billed only according to the new level of service.

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